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Colorado Efforts to Manage Growth

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How Does Colorado Rank with Regard to Planning for Growth?


Colorado currently ranks in bottom half of states in terms of meaningful grown management planning.

  • 16 states have comprehensive growth management and/or environmental statutes for state and/or local planning.

  • 12 states have state growth and/or environmental programs.

  • For further information on the challenges facing Colorado in the 21st Century, see here.

Past Efforts...

  • Colorado adopted growth management planning framework in the 1970s but was subsequently rescinded. It tried again in the 1990s, but fell short.

  • In response to unsuccessful efforts in the 1990s, voluntary efforts at smart growth Colorado were initiated. Today, some of these optional efforts have continued to some degree, but others have run their course & are no longer followed.

  • For more history on Planning for Growth in Colorado see here.

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